Logging Howto

Logging Howto

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Changing The Format Of Displayed Messages¶

See Configuring Logging for a Library for more information. Logging messages are encoded as cases of the LogRecordclass. When a logger decides to actually log an occasion, aLogRecord instance is created from the logging message. Levels can be related to loggers, being set either by the developer or via loading a saved logging configuration.

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The behaviour of the logging package deal in these circumstances is dependent on the Python version. For more information about logging utilizing a dictionary, seeConfiguration features. In Python 3.2, a new means of configuring logging has been launched, using dictionaries to carry configuration information.

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Logging Howto¶

Creating loggers, handlers, and formatters explicitly using Python code that calls the configuration methods listed above. styled string substitution; the possible keys are documented in LogRecord attributes. When deciding whether or not to course of an event, the efficient degree of the logger is used to find out whether or not the occasion is passed to the logger’s handlers. Logger.exception() creates a log message related toLogger.error(). The difference is that Logger.exception() dumps a stack trace along with it.

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You don’t have to all the time call these strategies on every logger you create. Logger.addFilter() and Logger.removeFilter() add and take away filter objects from the logger object. Logger.addHandler() and Logger.removeHandler() add and remove handler objects from the logger object. The circulate of log event data in loggers and handlers is illustrated in the following diagram. The root of the hierarchy of loggers is called the root logger.

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